A Passion for Honey

The aim is to find those magical honeys.

Unique varieties, unlike any other… from all over the world.
And to pass them on to anyone who is fascinated by them.
It’s a passion, of course. For the joy and the deliciousness of it.

But there are some other, more subtle, reasons for caring about this!

Honeybees foraging nectar from some special blossoms or from a particular place.

Honey that is never the same twice because, just as with good wine or tea or coffee, the weather is never the same two seasons in a row, and nor are any of the other things that influence the harvest.

With skill and understanding, the beekeeper and the honey gatherer have striven to provide something pure and unique and delicious. Year after year. For as long as people have walked on this world.

And it makes you want to know more. More about the places. More about the people.
About unique environments and ways of life.

At the end of the day it’s a simple thing.
Two real people.
A beekeeper and a honey lover.
A sweet message from one to the other
and a shared passion!

A connection through taste,
and through caring about something.